The "New Normal"

As Covid-19 continues to change all of our lives am I pleased to announce that new policies and procedures are in place, in line with the guidance from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Health and Care Professions Council, allowing the resumption of some face-to-face appointments.

What's the "New Normal"?

This is what to now expect when making contact with Steve Borrill Physiotherapy for an appointment. You will find that a more detailed clinical triage will take place before any face-to-face appointment will be booked. This will include gaining information about the current problem including what treatment you have tried up until this point and any underlying health problems you may have. This will be used to help determine a level of urgency and how best to manage your problem. Covid-19 screening questions will also be asked to reduce any risk for all if a face-to-face appointment is deemed necessary.

If it is thought to be necessary to see you in a face-to-face clinic then a discussion will take place highlighting the key risks of such face-to-face interaction in the current pandemic, should the potential risk be outweighed by the potential benefit then an appointment will be booked to see you in clinic. Should the benefit be outweighed by the risk then virtual consultations would be available to guide your rehabilitation.

The clinician will be required to conform with guidelines and wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as a minimum this will include gloves and an apron but could also include a face mask and goggles. This is to help minimise the risk of spread of Covid-19. Face-coverings could be used by you (the patient) as it is likely it will not be possible to maintain a 2m social distance, however these will not be provided by the clinic.

When arriving at the clinic please do not enter the building until your appointment time, this will help to minimise social contact. Once at your appointment time please enter the building and kindly follow the instruction on hand-washing. You can be re-assured that strict cleaning regimes will be in place between patients.

Please DO NOT enter the building if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 which can be found at:

and will be displayed on the sign at the door.

Preferable payment method at this time will be through contactless card payments.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions regarding this new normal and thank you for your patience and understanding at these testing times.

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