Our Treatments

"As an Olympic level physiotherapist and sports injury specialist, I will provide the best possible treatment to get you back in action as quickly and as safely as possible. Here are a list of physiotherapy treatments that I provide."


Improving movement related pain, excessive protection and restrictions in movement using a manual therapy approach 



Sports Injury Treatment

Assisting the return to sport using a holistic approach and a thorough understanding of the athletes individual needs.




Small amplitude thrust techniques performed with speed. It is often gentle, always small in range and rarely forceful 



Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Immediate treatment within surgical protocols to ensure a successful outcome from surgery




Working towards specific goals while correcting physical impairments promoting functional ability and quality of life




Gathering of information from the patient, using highly specialised communication and examination skills. 



Personalised Exercise Plan

Specific exercises to supplement manual techniques and promote self management of injuries/conditions



Treatment Planning

Generate a hypothesis/diagnosis and develop a treatment plan using the current evidence base. 




Therapeutic mobilisation of soft tissues to improve symptoms following injury or overuse



Advice & Education

Providing an understanding of conditions and complaints to enable good compliance with physiotherapy interventions



Hand Therapy

Specialist assessment and treatment of problems with the hand, from major surgical intervention to oesteoarthritis



The use of needles that pierce the skin at specific points to help reduce pain and inflammation - often used in conjunction with other physiotherapy techniques