Ongoing professional development is key to providing high quality physiotherapy services.

Physiotherapy is an ever changing profession, new research, new clinical guidelines and new best practice is published daily. Therefore ongoing training is required for a physiotherapist to provide patients with the best possible treatment.

Steve Borrill Physiotherapy believes strongly in this concept and this is why his post-graduate training is progressing through the IMTA training. This is based on the Maitland concept which has the emphasis on a specific way of thinking, using continuous evaluation and assessment. This is combined with knowing a broad spectrum of differnet techniques and being able to select the right techniue, perform it in the right way at the right time. The patient is the obviously at the centre with techniques individualised to patients and selected based on strong evidence and good reasoning. The concept originated in Australia many years ago, but the key to the concept has been its ability to evolve, develop and extend. Unlike some strands of physiotherapy or physiotherapists who use out-dated techniques based on old, poor quality research, Physiotherapists who use the Maitland concept need to be prepared to change with current research and are encouraged to be innovative with their practice.

Steve completed the most recent week of this course and has an exam to look forward to when the group next meet in June.

"I believe this course allows me to listen more to what patients have to say about their condition, understanding how the fine details can make a big difference to treatment techniques used. The theory is important background understanding, but this is only useful if you can get an accurate record from the patient of what they are feeling and where they are feeling it. Communication is so very important."

Professional development is not always as structured as the IMTA course. Steve will keep up to date with current research through reading academic articles. Development through clinical practice is always important and Steve will continuously reflect on treatments used and patients responses.

Steve is also heavily involved in education of others within the NHS in Doncaster. This is an enjoyable aspect of working within the NHS, allowing other staff the opportunity to develop their own clinical skills.

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